High and Low Temperature Test Chamber

High and Low Temperature Test Chamber


Structure and material


High nickel SUS#316

Heat and cold resistant stainless steel light plate.


High toughness cold rolled sheet coated with solvent-free resin powder.The color is ivory white.

Thermal insulation

T 100mm Refractory grade high strength PU, Polyurethane foam insulation material (more heat break than general PU, fire resistance.  

Free defrost

Special free defrost design. It can save 30% energy than the traditional product.


Left open door, collision handle (additional safety key to prevent opening during test)  

Interlayer frame

Equipped with 2 adjustable stainless steel frames.

Observe window

With a multi-layer vacuum glass window (400*500mm), with automatic defrosting function, the glass surface of the film can be electronic heated to ensure that no frost and condensation phenomenon on the glass surface during any test  

Testing hole

2 test holes are used for connecting the external cable.The diameter is Φ50mm, with stainless steel hole cover, and silica gel plug. (For special needs, please introduce to us before manufacturing)

Heating system

Heating system

Efficient stainless steel explosion-proof electronic heater, heating quickly.

Temperature and humidity control

Balance temperature and humidity control mode, control SSR in P.I.D. mode, so that the heating and humidification capacity of the system is equal to the loss of moisture and heat, so it can be used for a long time and stably.  




Communication interface

Communication interface

Attached with RS-232 and RS-485 standard communication interface devices, which can be connected with a personal computer (PC) at the same time for multi-machine control and management.

Control systemHaituo HT-1800)

Calculating control

Adopt intelligent microcomputer PID+SSR/SCR, it can automatically forward and reverse bidirectional synchronous output, including advanced slope control and logic control with  stable and accurate precision.


It adopts Haituos independent research and development of liquid crystal display, with very high reliability, stability, continuous trouble-free operation time MTBF reached more than 100,000 hours, 100 groups of 1000 sections of programming, 999 times of cycle setting, and attached to multiple groups of PID control function, with the wind cycle system in line with the temperature and humidity test standards,  It can simulate the test conditions of different environments such as high temperature and high humidity, high temperature and low humidity, low temperature, high humidity, low temperature and low humidity, etc. It also matches the programming control system with easy operation and high accuracy  

Self-correcting function

The controller is equipped with linear self-correction function to ensure its stability.

Data set

Touch-controlled man-machine interface dialog setting mode is a simple and clear operation process. The built-in program directory management system can facilitate the establishment, changing, accessing or operation of the test name and program data.

Process capacity

100 groups of programs ×1000 segments, the number of segments required by each group of programs can be arbitrarily divided, and each group of programs can be connected with each other freely.

Circulating set

Each set of running programs can execute 9999 or infinite number of cycles.An additional part of the cycle can be performed by subdividing 5 sets of segments into the running program.

Operating mode

With fixed value/program/connection three modes of operation, it can meet the implementation of various temperature and humidity test conditions.

Control mode

Adopt intelligent microcomputer PID+SSR/SCR, it can automatically forward and reverse bidirectional synchronous output, including advanced slope control and logic control with  stable and accurate precision.

Curve display and collection

The set value and actual value curve are displayed in real time. When the data of temperature and humidity time and cycle number are set, the set curve of relevant data can be obtained immediately, and the drawing screen of the actual running curve can also be obtained during operation.It can be printed after computer processing.

Reserve to start

All test conditions can set the function of reservation to start up, and the execution time of reservation can be set by year, month, day and minute.

Operating lock

During the operation of the system, you can lock the start-stop button to prevent other people from touching the button by mistake and causing the inconvenience of system shutdown.

Accumulated running time

The total operating time  can be accumulated displayed and used for making reference of the system operation and reminding the operator of the maintenance time of the machine.

Reset the blackout



Restarting mode with power off memory device and power back timing table is optionalBREAK COLD ƒHOT

Automatic return to normal temperature



When the test condition is finished, the final temperature (e.g., 25℃) can be optionally set to avoid the inconvenience of taking out the item under test due to its original high or low temperature.

Safety inspection

When the abnormal fault is detected, the control power of the machine will be cut off immediately, and the abnormal items of fault occurrence time and troubleshooting measures will be displayed automatically.

Failure cases

The history faults records can be displayed on the screen, such as the cause of the fault in the past and the time of occurrence of statistical records.

Display switch

Chinese/English subtitles can be switched freely.

Safety protection device

Safety protection device

1.Mechanical overtemperature protection device

2.Over-load protection device for refrigerating    compressor.

3.Current overload protection device.      

4.Short circuit fuse..

5.Water shortage protector

6. Air burning protecting device